Specialty Automotive

Iafrate Construction is the leading specialty automotive and test track contractor in the United States.  We have engineered and constructed test tracks for all the leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers from Michigan to Arizona and points in between.

With years of experience behind us, we develop innovative solutions from inception through final construction. We are constantly finding new ways to deliver value engineering through our integrated review process. Whether you need a single specialized test surface or a parabolic track, Iafrate Construction can be relied upon to meet your specialty automotive and test track needs.


Parabolic tracks

High speed tracks & straightaways

Road and ride handling courses

Durability surfaces - body twist, bumps, washboard, diagonal and twist pans

Belgian block roads and events

Grade hills ranging between 10% and 60%

Skid and traction pads


Each track surface is unique, and Iafrate Construction employs a diverse staff with a wide array of experience to meet your needs.  We bring key team members to our projects that are experienced, knowledgeable, and have proven records in all the services we offer.