Health & Safety

Commitment to Health and Safety

Iafrate Construction is committed to creating a safe and healthy workplace for its employees, clients, and construction partners. We strive to create an incident and injury free work environment through both organizational and personal commitments to this culture.

Safety Committee

The foundation of our commitment to health and safety is our Safety Committee.  The Safety Committee is comprised of executive leadership, project managers, estimators, superintendents and other key personnel.  The Safety Committee meets monthly to discuss and evaluate all things related to safety and is the guiding force behind our safety culture.

Education and Training is Key

The strength of our commitment to health and safety is contingent upon continuing education, professional development, and training.


To maintain this commitment, we take a hands-on approach to safety management through compliance programs, new hire orientation, scheduled training, weekly tool box talks, safety incentives, and site safety reviews.

Personal Accountability

The most important component of a successful health and safety culture is accountability. Every employee of Iafrate Construction is expected to take responsibility for their safety and for the safety of their fellow employees.


It is clearly understood that if a task cannot be completed safely, it will not be undertaken.  We believe that no project or task is more important than the health and safety of our employees. Our future depends upon our employees and we strive to protect them.   


By encouraging and maintaining open lines of communication, Iafrate Construction employees understand that it is our policy to:

Take all practical steps to lessen or eliminate hazard exposure for our employees and clients, thus providing them with a safe work environment.


Abide by all federal, state, local and project specific regulations regarding worker safety, health, and environmental protection.


Communicate our health and safety policies to all employees and subcontractors and require them to abide by these policies.


Provide health and safety education and training for our employees.