GPS & Technology

Integrated Technology

At Iafrate Construction, we provide a customized and innovative approach to integrated technology services on each of our construction projects.


With the use of Topcon and Trimble global positioning systems (GPS) we can increase the accuracy and productivity of earthwork and paving operations resulting in cost and schedule savings through increased efficiencies.

We utilize a Trimble S6 Total Station which enables us to remotely see and measure data through an instantaneous feed from the instrument on a data controller operated on the project site. By integrating this information in real time, we can verify our work and ensure that we have captured everything before leaving the project.

GPS Equipment

Our Trimble GCS900 Grade Control System is a cutting-edge earthmoving grade control system putting design surfaces, grades and alignments inside the cab of the machine. The system uses GPS and laser; or construction total station technology, to accurately position the blade or bucket of the machine in real time which significantly reduces material overages and dramatically improves productivity, saving time and money.


Our Topcon 3D-MC² GPS system installed on our motor-graders allows the control system to immediately sense any changes in the cutting edge and instantly make corrections providing superior stability and smoothness when finish grading.


The 3D-MC² also works to maintain the most reliable slope accuracy from flat grades to steep slopes.