GM Active Safety Test Area

Milford, MI

This job was on the campus of the General Motors Proving Grounds in Milford, MI. Scope required a removal of an existing track facility with a long straight away, high banked looped turnarounds, clearing and grubbing, and installation of a 16 acre paved asphalt pad, a six lane straightaway, 4 lane circular loops, and a various shaped area for experimental parking assist systems, and driverless vehicles.


The existing asphalt pavement, some of which was 18 inches thick, was milled and stockpiled on the campus for future use as aggregate base. The trees removed in the clearing were shredded and shipped for recycle as mulch and fuel for power plants.


The storm water system installed used bio-swales and storage ponds to keep most of the storm water in the immediate area for natural absorption and evaporation. Site topsoil was stockpiled and re-spread.  The seed and mulch restoration used various mixtures some of which are very slow growth and species which do not need cutting.


The striping of the track allowed for various striping colors and schemes to represent pavements in different areas of the world. Because of the sensitive nature of the test track and high security enforced, all materials on site needed a trained escorts both to and from the work area.

Fast Facts


Project Name:      GM ASTA Track
Location:              Milford MI
Owner/Client:       General Motors LLC
Engineer:             PEA Associates


•    160,000 cyds of earthmoving.
•    3,740 lft of pipe, 17 structures for storm water drainage, into bio-swales.
•    111,000 tons of aggregate base.
•    11,000 feet of guardrail. 
•    21,000 tons of asphalt pavement.