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Ford Oval Track Reconstruction

Wittman, AZ

Angelo Iafrate was the prime contractor on this multi-million dollar removal and reconstruction project located in Arizona.  


Working with a team of seven specialty engineering & construction partners, the project was finished on-time and within budget. The track, a 2.2 mile long and 3-lane wide parabolic asphalt surface, was removed and reconstructed within four months of the initial closure. 


Aside from the addition of a fourth travel lane and construction of an asphalt maintenance road at the top of the parabolic and transition sections, the track geometry (circular curve and spiral transition) remained the same.  New drainage ditches and swales were cut, and improvements were made to the existing drainage ditches, swales and side slopes.

Fast Facts


Project Name:           Ford Motor Oval Track
Location:                   Wittmann, AZ
Owner/Client:            Ford Motor Company


•    50,000 Cubic Yards Earthwork
•    140,000SY Subgrade Prep
•    35,000 tons of Asphalt Placed

Well-over 140,000 square yards of subgrade preparation, aggregate base course and asphalt pavement work was performed along with other site improvements including 50,000 cubic yards of earthwork, coupled with 15,000 feet of new guardrail and other project enhancements.

35,000 tons of asphalt pavement was placed in 3 – 1 ½ inch thick lifts at an average rate of 1,200 tons per day across all 4 lanes in a parabolic shape.

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