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Chrysler Toledo North Expansion

Toledo, OH

Expansion of the existing Toledo Jeep Assembly plant for new Chrysler vehicle line. Prior to actual site construction, the trailer city utilities were installed for the nearly 3 year project. Along with re-routing of walkways for the Chrysler employees who were going to remain working in the nearby production buildings.


Site construction started with phased pavement removals, excavation and drainage improvements, while keeping existing asphalt pavements in place for the caisson, pier and structural steel contractors to work off a firm platform during the winter months. After those tasks were completed, pulverization of the now interior pavements were done along with fabric and the stone base. Recycling of asphalt and concrete pavements were integrated into some of the aggregate base. Exterior work included drainage improvements, excavation, installation of concrete drives, loading docks and sidewalks, along with base for the asphalt paving.

Fast Facts


3,000 lft of silt fence/maintenance throughout project

32,900 syds of pavement removal

15,300 cyds of excavation

1,200 lft of temporary sanitary force main system

2,100 lft of drainage pipe improvement

44,300 syds of geo-textile fabric installation

39,300 tons of aggregate stone

7,100 syds of concrete pavement

Asphalt paving, striping, guardrail and signs.

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