Nissan Durability Track

Stanfield, AZ

Angelo Iafrate placed over 250 square yards of concrete twist bumps at this automotive testing facility located in Stanfield, Arizona.  The twist bumps, with a peak-to-valley amplitude of approximately 21 inches, were placed in two separate pours to a vertical tolerance of ⅛ inch and a horizontal tolerance of ¼ inch.


The frequency of the peak-to-peak distance was variable over the length of the event, ranging from 9 foot-6 inch to 4 foot-6 inch on a repeating pattern.


As part of this project, Angelo Iafrate also placed over 1,500 square yards of 8 inch thick fiber-reinforced concrete pavement with an inset finished-stone surface.  This “rough road course” was constructed to the same vertical tolerance listed above, but with variable grades on a 12 inch grid.


This project was completed on time and under budget.