COBO Square

Detroit, MI

The Cobo Square project was one of three contracts at the Cobo Convention Facility in Detroit. This project consisted of the demolition of the former executive parking area and landscaping between the East Jefferson Service Drive and the Cobo Ballroom located on the east side of the Cobo Center. Iafrate was a subcontractor to Commercial Contracting Cooperation while performing work on the Cobo Geofoam and Civic Center Drive Realignment contracts.


Iafrate removed existing pavement and planting areas and placed aggregate base in preparation for concrete pavements.  This area is now an outdoor gathering area just outside of the Cobo Ballroom and walkway between Cobo Center and the UAW building to the east.

Fast Facts


Project Name:    Cobo Square
Location:            Detroit, MI    
Owner/Client:     Detroit Regional Conference  Facility Authority (DRCFA)
Engineer:            Mannik Smith Group