Fort Stewart 5th IBCT Infrastructure

Fort Stewart - Hinesville, GA

As the future home of the US Army’s 5th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, this $150 million dollar Army Corps of Engineers project combines a bid-build component for infrastructure construction with a design-build component for twenty barracks, a dining hall, physical fitness center, medical facility, brigade headquarters and a series of COF’s and TEMF’s.


Iafrate, partnering a subcontractor to Walbridge, is the infrastructure contractor responsible for self-performing all earthwork, storm sewer, grading and infrastructure concrete work. 


This multi-year project, with interim milestones, required Iafrate to excavate and balance over 1.4 million cubic yards of earth within the first 150 calendar days in order to avoid liquidated damages and potential long-term delays to the project. 


Iafrate mobilized over 35 pieces of construction equipment from Michigan to Georgia within the first 10 days of Notice-to-Proceed, and completed all earthwork and land-balancing within 125 calendar days – turning the proposed building pads over to Walbridge and Army Corps of Engineers 25 days early.


Iafrate installed over 23,000 feet of storm sewer, 5,000 feet of box culverts, a Con Span bridge, 82,000 feet of concrete curb, 267,000 square feet of sidewalk and 20,000 square yards of concrete pavement in this 500 acre green-field site


As an active partner, Iafrate is coordinating and managing Walbridge’s other infrastructures subcontractors including clearing & grubbing, erosion control, sanitary sewer, water main and landscaping in order to ensure that future milestone dates are achieved and that the project is constructed safely and efficiently.