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Kearsley Street Reconnect

Flint, MI

The Kearsley Street Reconnect project was part of an overall City of Flint traffic pattern master plan.  One of the main purposes was to re-establish the connection between the Cultural Center of campus located on the east side of I-475 to the University of Michigan-Flint campus and downtown located on the west side of I-475.  The intersection of Kearsley and Wallenburg was determined to be the gateway point of the reconnection and therefore most of the aesthetics were designed for this point.


The project consisted of three University of Michigan-Flint logos, two located in the sidewalk crossings and a third in the road intersection.  The intersection logo consisted of three colors of concrete and two separate stamp patters.  The concrete crosswalks were a red blend with an old brick, herringbone pattern.  The intersection concrete was an integral colored concrete (caramel buff) and was stamped with a Roman slate texture. 


The University of Michigan-Flint two-colored logo of maize and blue was applied on the colored concrete with a water based pigment.  A custom template was laser cut from steel plate to prep the surface and score the edge for a clean seam.  The three-dimensional texture was applied by hammering the concrete surface.


The Kearsley Street Reconnect project won the 2009 Michigan Concrete Paving Association Special/Innovative project of the year award.

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