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Home Depot

Taylor, MI

The site on Telegraph Road south of I-94 was an existing closed K-Mart store. The planning and fast track delivery of the site was at an accelerated pace. The demolition of the building was done in January. In February we arrived on site to begin footing excavation. The store was opened, on schedule, in July. The scope of our work was to provide grading and stone base for the building pad, excavation and backfill for the building foundations, removal of the existing parking lot, storm sewer system, changes to the watermain and sanitary sewers and earthwork balancing for the entire site. The most difficult aspect of the job was working in close proximity to all of the contractors, and the staging areas, while producing new parking lot. The utility work was the most difficult as the installation permits were delayed until the end of April. The storm sewer was an underground retention system of 1,800 lft. of 84 inch diameter corrugated steel pipe, which is designed to hold up to one million gallons of storm water. This stored water for the entire 11.6 acre site was then only drained through various control structures and eventually to only one 15 inch pipe.  

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