Fairlane Green

Allen Park, MI

Angelo Iafrate Construction Company was responsible for all site work related operations necessary to construct this Brownfield Redevelopment project located on the site of the former Allen Park Clay Mine Landfill located in Allen Park, Michigan.


Traditional construction operations included earthwork and land balancing (900,000 cubic yards), underground storm sewer, sanitary sewer, and water main utility installation (35,000 feet), placement of aggregate base material and all rough and fine grading operations necessary for placement paved surfaces, topsoil and final site restoration.


As a result of this project being constructed on a former landfill, non-traditional construction operations were also required. Angelo Iafrate furnished and installed over 30,000 cubic yards of light-weight geo-foam block fill material under building foundations and interior and exterior slabs.  Angelo Iafrate also constructed a gas management collection system within each of the retail units (500,000 square feet).  The gas management system, used to capture the migration of fugitive methane gas, included a cross-section of sand sub-base, gas collection piping and a HDPE membrane. 


Additionally, some of the underground utility trenches required the construction of an “intrusion trench”.  An intrusion trench was defined as one that breached the existing landfill cap surface and required that it be lined with a geo-synthetic clay liner membrane and a welded HDPE membrane.


Angelo Iafrate Construction Company’s use of a cost and resource loaded project schedule optimized the use of its manpower and equipment and aided significantly in delivering this project on-time and within budget.