Eastern Market Link Detroit

Detroit, MI

Iafrate Construction, as Prime Contractor, directed all construction phases including the replacement of the Adelaide Street, Division Street, and Wilkins Street Bridges over the Dequindre cut. The bridges replaced were originally constructed in 1929 for Rail Access to the Eastern Market from Michigan Farms.  


The Eastern Market construction involved removal and replacement of all the sidewalks, curbs, and parking areas adjacent to all the store fronts. This also included upgrades to ADA standards. 


Midtown Streetscape upgrades connected the DMC to the Eastern Market and Dequindre Cut. 

The Dequindre Cut pathway construction connected Mack Avenue to the existing pathway at Gratiot Avenue, providing the final leg of the pathway leading all the way to the Detroit Riverfront. 


The construction was completed over two construction seasons including winter bridge stages. Work was staged to continue operations of the many Eastern Market festivities and weekday markets. Tailgater considerations for both Lions and Tigers home games were also successfully coordinated.

Fast Facts



Location:               Detroit, MI     

Owner/Client:        City of Detroit/MDOT

Engineer:              City of Detroit/ PB


  • Streetscape EASTERN MARKET Core

  • Replace Three 1920’s bridges

  • Re-purpose Dequindre Cut Railbed to multi-use pedestrian pathway

  • Project cost - $14.5 million