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Ft Campbell MH47 Hangar

Ft. Campbell, KY

Angelo Iafrate Construction Company was a subcontractor on the construction of the Ft. Campbell MH-47 Aviation Maintenance Hangar Project. The project also included an aircraft parking apron, taxiway access, a tactical air navigation system facility, roadways, on-site parking and other site improvements.


The project was built according the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) specification 32 13 11 Concrete Pavement for Airfield and Other Heavy-Duty Pavements. This specification has strict requirements for all aspects of the work including materials, concrete mix design and development along with the concrete placement methods.  AICC used a Gomaco 2600 Slip-form concrete paver on the project. This paver was guided by aircraft cable instead of traditional string line.  A steady flow of concrete was feed in front of the Gomaco 2600 Slip-form machine by a CMI 4004 MTP to achieve a superior riding pavement. Located behind the paver was a Gomaco TC-600 texture cure machine which applied a burlap finish to the concrete along with spraying a white membrane curing compound. 


The materials in the concrete mix designs were required to meet one of the toughest concrete specifications in the United States.  The concrete mix design for the project required the concrete to have 650 psi flexural strength at 28 days.  All of the concrete on the project tested by an independent commercial laboratory that was located on the project site.  The concrete paving was accepted based upon thickness, plan grade and smoothness.  

Fast Facts


Project Name:    MH-47 Aviation Maintenance                                      Hangar

Location:            Ft. Campbell, KY
Owner:               Hensel/Phelps

Client:                U.S Army Corps of Engineer
Engineer:           U.S Army Corps of Engineers

•    Concrete Apron  40,000sy 
•    Flexural Strength 650PSI
•    Concrete Place with a Slip Form Paver

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