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Westover Parking Ramp

Chicopee, MA

Description of work:  Westover Air Reserve Base in Chicopee Massachusetts is the home of the 439th Airlift wing which operates the C-5 Galaxy.   This project involved the complete reconstruction of a 25,000 syd parking apron that was originally constructed of asphalt that had deteriorated to the point that it could no longer be used.  The parking ramp involved the construction of 24” of flip flop soils, 14” of non-frost susceptible material, 6” of aggregate base course, 6” of cement treated drainage layer and 13.5” of portland cement concrete pavement.  Over 10,000 cyd of 650 psi flexural strength concrete were produced per the concrete pavements for airfields specification with an on-site portable concrete plant to eliminate any concerns about hauling concrete to the base from an offsite location.  The concrete pavement was placed with a Gomaco GP 2600 slip form paver followed by a Gomaco T/C 600 cure/texture machine. Ride quality was checked with a profilometer and a 12 foot straightedge.  Prior to the concrete placement the 6” cement treated drainage layer produced by the onsite portable concrete plant was placed with an asphalt paver to achieve the maximum smoothness.  All grading to the point of the drainage layer was performed with GPS equipment.  This project all involved the construction of a storm sewer system, asphalt shoulders, and grounding rods.  The project was completed in September of 2011 on time even after facing a terrible year for weather in the northeast.

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