Comerica Park

Detroit, MI

The scope of work on this project included the mass excavation for the proposed playing field which is approximately 22 feet below the surrounding street level.  This elevation difference generated 500,000 cubic yards of material for disposal.  In addition to the material generated in the excavation of the “bowl”, 150,000 cubic yards of old roadway and building demolition debris had to be disposed of, and 17,000 cubic yards of environmentally impacted material needed hauled to special landfills.  Installation of a dewatering system and pump station and retention sheeting for the local surface streets was necessary due to the poor soil conditions in the area.  In order to accommodate the ten-week schedule, AICC crews were required to excavate upwards of 15,000 cubic yards per day.  AICC met and/or exceeded this quota daily to complete the project on time.