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Lakes of Taylor Golf Course

Taylor, MI

The scope of work for this 300+ acre site, included the stripping and stockpiling of 40,000 cubic yards of topsoil and the moving of 1.4 million cubic yards material to balance the site.  Upon the completion of the cut to fill operation, the site was sculpted to the proper contours, and approximately 140,000 cubic yards of topsoil was placed. To maintain ecological balance on the site, which contained extensive wetland areas, it was necessary to construct ponds, lakes and weirs, to regulate water flow.  During the construction effort, soil erosion control was maintained with barriers and runoff areas. Drainage of the land area was handled by the installation of storm sewer in sizes ranging from 12” to 54” in diameter.  To facilitate the completion of the site, and to eliminate the concern for flooding, a storm water pump station was installed for the sewer system.  Instead of removing hazardous materials off site, a containment area with monitoring equipment was constructed on site.  

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