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Lear Corporation Headquarters

Southfield, MI

The site located at Telegraph Road just north of 8 Mile Road, was an expansion of an existing facility to gather all of the satellite offices of the owner into one campus. Neighboring properties were purchased, and the expansion plan called for a phasing into the new facility as outlying offices were closed and moved to the new headquarters. The scope of our contract was earthwork balancing, disposal of contaminated dirt, installation of new watermain, sanitary sewer, storm water drainage system, aggregate base, concrete sidewalks, concrete curb and gutters, concrete deceleration lanes and asphalt paving. Per the phasing plan we had to provide parking for additional employees at various milestone dates which included construction beginning in January and ending in November. The most unique aspect of the work was the installation of underground detention system for the storm water. The site was planned with many landscaped islands, under which each has a system of piping and control structures which eventually drain the water into the Oakland County Drains at a greatly reduced rate, with most of the storm water collected and allowing for natural drainage back into the sub-grade.  

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